Blumen technical Support knows how important Blumen is to your daily productivity. that why we are dedicated to providing a variety of technical support optional to help you quickly resolve technical issues related to your Blumen software

Expert Center

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Live Web Support

The new state of the art support tool. This new feature would enable us to correct your data through internet in real   time. It is as good as one of the technical persons being there to help you. 

Discussion Groups

The Discussion Groups are easy-to-use online message boards where you can talk with other Blumen users,   browse postings, ask questions, share tips, and much more. Note: Discussion Groups are user-to-user only and   are not moderated by Blumen Technical Analysts.

Telephone Support

  • Speak live with a Blumen technical expert
  • Monday through Friday from 9 am - 5 pm,
  • Central Standard Time.
  • Toll Free 1-800-597-8204
  • Toll Free 1-866-My-Blumen (692.5863)
  • Toll Free Fax 1-800-615-4874


If you which to contact blumen technical support
  by e-mail, please use any of the following:

For technical Support Issues

For technical Support Issues

For billing Issues


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