Customer Feedbacks

"Blumen is a high quality software!"

Ricardo Marmolejo - SSS/UBMS - College of the Sequoias

"You guys are always so wonderful to us! We could not be as successful as a program without the BLUMEN program and the stellar technical support!"

Nancy Keller - SSS - Pima Community College

"They are all awesome!"

Bobby Roberts - UB - Savannah State University

"I'm looking into moving from the PC version to online!"

Molly Watson - SSS - Hocking College

"I think Blumen is an awesome program. The staff is amazing and friendly. They explain things so that I can understand it. Thank you all for being so helpful and kind."

Marleana Groundwater - SSS - Shasta College

"I have always found the technical support to be most beneficial. Service representatives are helpful and efficient, and they are aware of the demands our programs face."

Dr. David Smith - SSS - Tusculum College

"Technical support has always been quick with response and very friendly."

Robin Hicklin - UB - Missouri Southern State University

"I absolutely LOVE Blumen. I use BOT daily and I like how the support team answers my questions promptly and that they are always customer service focused!"

Brian Flores - TS - Lone Star College North Harris

"Best service available anywhere! I appreciate the assistance with checking and submitting the APR. Also Blumen customizes reports when needed!"

Bart Chaney - SSS - Neosho County Community College

"I love Blumen!"

Angelica Castaneda - SSS - Robert Morris University

"Very helpful staff. You guys go out of your way, especially during APR."

Trissi A. Johnson - UB - Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Metro Houston

"I personally think that Blumen is a super handy data system - one that is very user friendly and easy to maneuver. I am super appreciative of the technical support and the patience of the Blumen staff in helping us especially when we need immediate assistance."

Leonie Dsouza - UB - Southwestern University

"They have always been responsive and their knowledge is unmatched. I appreciate that when the Department of Education changes data fields, Blumen is on top of it making the process less stressful."

Dan Benge - TS/UB - Montana State University Billings

"Technical Support is very helpful and skillful to answer every question or concern I may have." 

Chenda Hem - SSS - South Seattle College

"I recommend Blumen at every conference and workshop I attend. I could be your Blumen marketing campaign!"

Laurie Butler - SSS - Southwestern Community College

"I recommend this over Student Access - which I used before - all the time. I strongly encourage my colleagues to switch if they're using SA, mainly due to the ease of use and stronger reporting capabilities. However, when I tell them about the APR support, they're often blown away - especially for McNair and the uploading/coding for the Clearinghouse Data."

Crista C. Gray - SSS - Gannon University

"Our Talent Search program is new this year so the feature I love using is the Blumen app on my phone to access student information at the palm of my hand."

Anadelia Garcia - TS - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley - Brownsville

"We appreciate the great customer service we always receive."

Sarah Sabay - SSS/EOC - South Seattle College

"They are the best! Always so helpful and they respond in a timely manner!"

Jose Diaz - UB - Riverside City College

"Blumen support is top notch!! Really good quality support. Keep it up people!"

Guru Charan Singh - SSS/EOC - University of Central Oklahoma

"It's made completing the APR much more efficient"

Janet Craven - SSS - Western Nebraska Community College

"Having access to the info all year makes the APR process short and simple."

Lucy Owens - UB - Wright State University

"I like the new Prior Experience Points Calculator.  Blumen makes the APR very easy. I don’t know what I would do without it.  Yes. I had to call technical support several times. They were always courteous and very helpful."

Jill Hendricks, Director (UB), Arkansas Tech University

"My favorite new feature is the bar graphs on the side telling me in a quick glance what types of  students I currently have in the program. The APR support and completion process was very helpful. I felt confident submitting my report. The technical support has also been terrific.  Thanks for your seamless effort in supporting our work."

Avis C Quinn, PhD, LPC, NCC (SSS), Virginia Western Community College

"I like using the Clearinghouse feature. I am really looking forward to that for our Talent Search program. Our APR was a breeze, except for the problems we had with the website and Dept. of ED. These issues were totally unrelated to Blumen.  As always, Blumen support is amazing. Fast, helpful, and always successful.

I always recommend Blumen to my colleagues. Every time you upgrade, the improvements are beneficial and user friendly. You always take our suggestions for updates seriously and we have seen several of them implemented over the years. I love Blumen and so does my staff."

Jayna Woolridge, Director (UB/TS), Briar Cliff University

"New Features that I Like are: The graph on right side that keeps track of Funded to Serve, Eligibility, and Disability ratios.  Icons on right side that give quick access to Tutor Contact and other logs and student info.  The import ability from National Student Clearinghouse sounds great, but I haven't taken the time to learn how to do it yet.  The Prior Experience Points report is a real time-saver.

APR experience this year went much quicker and smoother now that we can copy APR data from previous years for the prior year participants.  I also love the way Blumen checks for APR errors!

Your Technical Support has always exceeded my expectations!!!  Well worth the price!  All of you are so patient and accommodating."

Susan Slaubaugh, (SSS), Potomac State College

"We have 2 grants for Upward Bound Math and Science and the experience with Blumen is fabulous….  My experience with Blumen is WONDERFUL!!! And the technician Department is ALWAYS available to answer my questions immediately. I NEVER have to wait until the following they are very respectful and professionals. For me Blumen is the best of the best.  Our load work was reduced around 95% since we started using Blumen. Personally I made my first APR manually and the following year we started with Blumen and the benefits were AWESOME…I cannot live without Blumen. Thank you for all your help and support."

Norma G. Miranda, Coordinator (UBMS), University Of Texas-Brownsville

"I like the side bar of information regarding the grant criteria is very useful. The entire of version is very user-friendly!  The APR was very simple this year. Our office was very pleased with how smooth the APR was this year.  The support team is AWESOME! They always exceed my expectations! Blumen is a spectacular database system and I will continue to promote and refer your program!"

Kayla D. Jones, Counselor (SSS), Coastal Bend College

"The Blumen software has really helped make our life easier in terms of getting ready to for the APR.  My favorite feature is the option to trouble shoot your data to ensure it is correct. The listings and reports also make life easy as well.  I have always had a positive experience when I have interacted with customer support.  Thanks for keeping up with changes in the data fields that occur from time to time."

Divya Jain, Coordinator (UB), Florence Darlington Technical College

"I like the “favorites” feature – where you can save all of your favorite reports you use on a regular basis.  Blumen Customer technical support is extremely helpful and quick to respond.  The Director of our program was extremely pleased with the helpfulness of Blumen support when she had questions regarding running the APR  and felt confident it was done with accuracy."

Susie Ziebell, (UB), University of Wisconsin-Stout

"What can I say-this year was the best ever. I've been in charge of the APR for almost 10 years and you have improved with each
year. Submitting the APR was a breeze.
I love the new changes!  Technical support was super-they are always so polite and patient with me (and by the way, I am not a computer whiz). Over all, I give you a TEN!"

Laurie Simpson, (SSS), College Of Eastern Utah

"What I like about Blumen:
- like the new summary sidebars
- addition of the Prior Experience calculations is very helpful
- no problems with the APR
- technical support always helpful"

Deborah Flores, Director (SSS), California State University

"I know it might sound stupid, but I really like the graphs at the side of the main screen showing our participation numbers and % double eligeble.  Working on the APR was a breeze!  Very easy!  The support staff have  always been helpful!  They are great."

Jon Graves, (TS), Clatsop Community College

"The new BLUMEN is so easy to use. It has cut back my recording time almost in half.  Thanks for always making easy to use updates and improvements ."

Wesley Christiansen, (TS), Dixie State College

"I like the customization capabilities for developing reports, it is really helpful to have options.  APR expectations were met and exceeded it is always helpful when using a software that knows what you need and reassures your information by checking fields that may  not be completely filled.  #lifesaver.  Everyone at Blumen are always so helpful especially with the support staff who have to meet the demands of directors.  Blumen’s tech team takes difficult to simple quickly and with ease.  I love the cartoon characters that are there when you are loading"

Wilson Lester, (SSS), North Carolina A&T State University

"The customer support is excellent.  They are always very helpful.  The new feature on being able to import data from the National Clearinghouse into Blumen is great."

Tonya Harrell, (UB), East Central University

"We love Blumen.  We have used it for the past 5 + years and would have nothing else.  The technical support has been outstanding.  They are always there to help you and you usually have an issue corrected immediately.  The features for Blumen 10 took a little getting use to but we are able to navigate with ease.  The SSS APR was very user friendly and we had no issues.  We are grateful for the program and wonderful support we are given."

Charlotte Mowery, Director (SSS), Wytheville Community College

"I like the vertical bar on the side which calculates our demographic information (e.g., percentages for low-income, first-generation, and dual criteria). Also I like the Asset Inventory Management feature A LOT!  For the first time in many years, I was able to complete the APR sections on Blumen without having to call tech support. (Hopefully, I got everything right!) So everything went pretty smoothly—perhaps attributable to the informal “tutoring” I’ve received from tech support over the years when I needed their help!  During the times I’ve called Compansol, your technicians have been very accommodating, and have been able to resolve our problems."

Dann Hazel, Director (UB)

"Blumen has been great for our project.  We are able to keep track of all our student data, contacts, run reports, etc. It interfaces with PeopleSoft, which saves us so much time with data entry.  The annual report would be so much more time consuming without Blumen and the support staff are awesome. They are always available and willing to help. I love Blumen and would recommend it to any TRiO program."

Lena Michaud, Director (SSS), University of Maine at Fort Kent
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