Blumen Online for Trio
Available anywhere, anytime
Now you can access Blumen Online from any web browser. Access your data from the office, your home or the road.   As long as you have access to the internet you have access to your data. The application is available 24 hours a day,   365 days a year.
Platform Independent
Backed by Microsoft's SQL Server 2008, your data is secure and tunneled via leading SSL technology with 256 bit   encryption. Our website is Verisign certified for Encrypted Data Transmission and your data is protected from   malicious attacks with additional hardware and software firewalls, ensuring peace of mind when accessing sensitive   information.
No Installation or updates
As a web application, Blumen Online requires no installation and multiple users can access the database at once. As   the software is on the web, you are always accessing the latest version and all updates or upgrades are automatically   implemented.
Platform Independent
You can now access your data from any operating system or computer. As a web application, Blumen Online works   with Windows and Macintosh operating systems and smart devices that have access to the internet, including iPhone   and Android products. No matter what platform you use, access to your data is at your fingertips.
Cloud Services
Blumen Online uses Cloud computing to bring your data to you. This means you can expect your application uptime to   be 99.99%. The cloud's resources scale with user demand, giving you an efficient and speedy computing solution.   The computing experience is always smooth, regardless of the number of users accessing the application.

Mobile App
Our iPhone and Android apps give you the option to have contacts displayed on your phone. You can also view the most popular graphs on your iPhone and Android phone. Download the app today for free.



  • Annual Reports Formatted as per ED Requirements
  •   Log Services for Counseling and Tutoring Sessions
  •   Data Export Capability (Excel, Access, Word etc)
  •   User Preferences and Option to Save to Favorite
  •   More than 250+ reports Built-in Professional Reports
  •   Enhanced Drill Down Analysis of APR Fields
  •   Advanced Query Screens for Search Criteria
  •   Unlimited Users with Screen Level Security
  •   Annual Performance Report Generator
  •   Enhanced Report Builder Tool
  •   Unlimited Customized Reports
  •   Customized Drop Down Lists
  •   Unlimited Custom Fields
  •   Batch Data Processing
  •   PE Points Calculator
  •   Bulk E-mail Feature
  •   Personalized Letters
  •   Automated Wizards
  •   Asset Management

Phone Support

  • Speak live with a Blumen technical expert
  • Monday through Friday from 9 am - 5 pm,
  • Central Standard Time.
  • Toll Free 1-800-597-8204
  • Toll Free 1-866-My-Blumen (692.5863)
  • Toll Free Fax 1-800-615-4874


If you wish to contact blumen technical support
  by e-mail, please use any of the following:

For technical Support Issues

For more information about Blumen

For billing questions


With this state of the art support tool, we can   assist you with Blumen over the internet in real   time, just as if one of our technicians were there   in person.. Start Live Web Support Session >>


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