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Need training for your whole staff? Save time and money with an on-site training. 
If you are scheduling training for several staff members, consider an on-site training. This convenient, cost-effective option can save you time and travel expenses and allows you to customize course contents and dates to fit your schedule.

On-site training is the most economical way to train your staff.
You won't have to pay the airfare, hotel accommodations, or meal reimbursements for several people. Projects won't be put on hold and phones or emails won't go unanswered.

You set the location, the day and the time.
Our on-site training team will do the rest. Because we bring the training to you, team members can learn at their own pace. And courses can be planned around individual and department schedules.

Our expert instructors can customize training courses to focus on your department's exact needs. It allows you and your team to learn with real-world, mission-specific examples to ensure your project's success, and because training is on-site, confidential and sensitive work issues can be openly discussed and resolved.

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  On-Site Training Confirmation Documents-Check List, Agenda and Cancellation Policy


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